Jayalalitha’s  lunch  with her yester year film stars in 2012

On August 30th 2012, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa invited a group of actors of yesteryear fame, playback singer P. Susheela and her close friend and journalist Cho Ramasamy for lunch to her residence, Veda Nilayam in Poes garden and relived the good old days when they worked together in the film world.

Most of those present had also acted with Chief Minister’s mother Sandhya. There were Jamuna, Saroja Devi, Kumari Sachu, Anjali Devi, Sowcar Janaki, Rajashree and Sukumari. A  traditional multi-course Tamil meal — sambar, rasam, sevai, poriyal and many more was served on banana leaves and rounded off with ice cream and kulfi.

saukari-janakiShe used Telugu and Tamil alternately while speaking -to Susheela  and Jamuna in Telugu and switched over to Kannada when conversing with Saroja Devi and spoke in Malayalam while talking to Sukumari,” said Ms Sachu.

Playback singer Susheela said it was one of the most memorable meetings. “It was so lovely meeting everyone. I could see that the Chief Minister was very happy. The lunch was great and later, and all of us posed individually for photographs with her.”

Yesterday after hearing of her demise , Sowcar Janaki, Jamuna, K.R.Vijaya and Sarada recalled this evening fondly.  Jayalalitha had been the perfect hostess and had gifted them all with saris.  It also happened to be Jamuna’s birthday  and she recalled that  Jayalalitha had gifted her a second beautiful sari.